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Roundtable discussion on civil society engagement in the development and implementation of national comprehensive and integrated counter-terrorism strategies in South-East Europe

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - 12:00

Institute for Activism and Social Change, within the SCPA/SIDA supported program for safer and resilient communities, is organizing the closing event in the city of Korca. This event will bring together local government authorities, police, education, religious communities, media and CSOs to discuss about community interventions within the function of the Korca Local Safety Council.



In recent years, the Western Balkans countries have faced a number of challenges in developing programs for the reintegration and rehabilitation of returnees. In almost all WB countries, the existing national P/CVE strategies have shifted from whole-of-government into a whole-of-society approach, facilitating multi-agency support and tailored interventions.  The shift was initiated because WB governments faced tremendous needs that accompanied the repatriation processes.