IANS has an elected executive director, Mrs. Erinda Bllaca Ndroqi, PhD lawyer and a human rights activist (the founder) and legal representative of the organization. Erinda Bllaca Ndroqi has been working civil society sector since 1998, influencing legislation and administrative acts related to human rights protection in Albania, working on incorporating international principles and articles on prevention of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment for persons deprived of their liberties, women and juveniles as well as mentally ill who commit crimes. In her work of over 13 years with places of deprivation of liberties, she was able to introduce concepts of human rights protection in the internal prisons regulation and today she participates as OSCE national expert on issues such as human rights protection, countering violent extremisms and radicalization as well as Council of Europe expert on developing the Strategic Priorities of penitentiary system 2019-2022. She is a contact point for consultations with CoE/CPT members.

Mrs. Bllaca was co-organizer of the Regional Conference (4th of June 2018) on “Good practices on Countering Violent Extremism and radicalization in Western Balkans”. She is a co-author of developing the OSCE Basic Manual on VERLT Prison and Probation staff (2018); and OSCE VERLT national trainer dedicated to prison and probation staff. supported by the Dutch Embassy (Tirana), Save the Children, Terre des Hommes and UNODC. She has successfully implemented 4 P/CVE programs and prison rehabilitation programs.