IANS has a strategic document that orients the programming for the next 3 to 5 years, facilitating the interventions, orienting projects that aim to bring sustainable change. Standard operating procedures and internal financial management systems are operational, helping the organization to regulate job descriptions, rights and responsibilities of the assigned positions (Policy recruitment Policy); as well as the internal procedures, responsibilities, logistics, inventories, etc (Administration and Finance Procedures) that are in line with national tax and fiscal requirements. The Board Members of the Institute for Activism and Social Change are as following:


Name, surname


Professional background


Mr. Admir Duraj

Legal and European Studies:

Deputy Director/ Legal Adviser on projects related to legislative and policy reforms, good governance and consumer rights at Studio D


Mrs. Anisa Asllanaj

Psychology and youth Development studies:

Certified Psychologist, Prison monitoring Expert and Gender based violence expert


Mrs. Blerta Brovina

Legal and criminal studies:

Executive director of Women’ Democracy Network 


Mr. Fatmira Lato

Human Rights, Law and Development:

Freelance attorney, advanced studies in human rights