Project Activities

Inclusive interventions for rehabilitation and reeintegration of the returned families from conflict zones

In recent years, the Western Balkans countries have faced a number of challenges in developing pr

Memorandums of Understanding with social, legal and health institutions

IANS has Memorandums of Understanding with the General Prisons Directorate, Albanian State Police

Lugano Mental Health Summer Academy

IANS was invited to participate in the Lugano Mental Health Summer Academy, organized by Swiss Co

Mental health integrationand legal review of the legislation on medicines

IANS has been supported by WHO Country Office through two programs, 1) dedicated to assessment of

ICMP awards grants to associations of families of missing persons in Albania

Tirana, 1 February 2021 – Nine Albanian associations of families of missing pers

New cooperation ICMP missing persons Albania

"Right to truth, fact or fiction" is the new initiative that is implemented by the Institute for

IANS is an accredited organization

IANS is an accredited organization by the National Professional Medical training Centre (QKEV) wi

Training manuals for Rehabilitation

IANS has developed two accredited Training manuals for Rehabilitation of returned persons and Man

impact of violence to victims of hate crime

IANS is actually cooperating with Dutch organization ANTARES, Dutch Helsiki Committes, ODIHR on i