The Institute for Activism and Social Change is a nongovernmental, non partisan and non political organization that is founded in 2018 and officially registered by Court Decision no.6150, dated 31.01.2019 in the Tirana District Court, and tax Identification number L91420451O.


The organization’s mission is based upon the belief that more inclusive, empathetic and resilient societies can fight growing mistrust and social polarization, bring equality and respect for diversities.


Setting out the above long-term vision, the organization is  characterized  by  its  focus  on addressing  three  conditions outlined, namely: “independence”, as a guarantee of its credibility  and  legitimacy;  “visibility”,  to ensure  the organization is  identifiable  with  a  place  that  is clearly visible and understandable; and “sufficient  financial and  administrative  resources”, given  the  scale of challenges of bridging diversities.   


IANS comes with a team of well known experts in the field of human rights that has been able to articulate its priority strategic pillars:

  • Advocacy and Research:
    • Develop pro-active approach to embed intercultural dialogue policies at the local and national levels based on gathering of empirical data and platform for media dialogue.
  • Youth Voice and Exchange:
    • Create opportunities for youth-led dialogue that generates alternative narratives, and provides next generations with the skills to build together more open, resilient communities.
  • Intercultural Learning and local powers:
    • Enhance, embed and multiply intercultural dialogue capabilities of the different actors at local, national and cross-national level, with strategic focus on broadening intercultural learning
  • Networking and Cooperation:
    • Facilitate collaborations and partnerships, map priority areas of intervention and synergies among dialogue actors, and support collective visible actions.